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Accountancy, Business
and Management

More popularly known as ABM, this strand is designed for students who are inclined to pursue college degrees related to business, accountancy, and management programs. ABM focuses on the basic concepts of business management, financial management, corporate management and operations, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and information technology. Students enrolled under the strand will have the opportunity to engage in business enterprise simulation and develop business analytical skills. Choose ABM if you want to be an entrepreneur, economist, manager, business leader, banking professional, or accountant. Robust careers and good financial outlooks begin here.

Available Course(s) Related to the Program:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management

Step 1 : Proceed to Guidance Office to get Admission Slip
Step 2 : Proceed to Registrar's Office


  • SF9/ Report card
  • SF10/ F137
  • ESC/QVR certificate (if grantee)
  • Certificate of completion (photocopy)
  • NCAE photocopy (STEM only)
  • Good Moral certificate
  • PSA Birth certificate (2 copies)
  • Long brown envelope
  • Recent 2x2 ID photo, white background (2pcs.)
  • No grade below 85 for Mathematics and Science (STEM only)
  • Photocopy of passport of foreign student holder of Philippine passport


  • SF9/ Report card
  • Summer certificate (Junior High School if with deficiency)
Step 3 : Go to Admissions, and select the program to enroll
  • For Online NEW students, click the registration link
  • For Online OLD students, click the link that will redirect you to the Registrar's Facebook page. The Registrars will enroll OLD students to avoid duplication of records and ID's
  • Click on the button to fill out the enrollment form
    NOTE: If onsite, Registrar can assist or you can personally do the encoding
Step 4 : Proceed to Cashier's Office
  • Assessment and payment of School fees
  • Pay tuition and other school fees
  • Payment options are the following:
    1. Onsite campus cashiers
    2. Online through the WELA School Systems
    3. Other online payment options
Step 5 : Proceed to Computer Center
  • Picture-taking for student's ID
Step 6 : Proceed to Bookstore
  • Claim textbooks, school uniform patterns, P.E uniforms, etc.
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