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Unlock Incredible Education Opportunities at The HOLY CHILD College of Davao for School Year 2024-2025!

Discover our array of scholarship programs and discounts, designed to empower students and open doors to a brighter future.

Explore our available discounts and scholarship programs, offering reduced tuition fees and a range of benefits. Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities!

Application period is from June 19, 2024 - July 21, 2024. NO EXTENSIONS allowed.

Discount on Tuition Fees
1. Alumni Privilege: 15%
2. Academic Excellence (Top 1) : 100%
3. Academic Excellence (Top 2) : 50%
4. Child of Active Nurses: 15%
5. Child of Active AFP/PNP: 50%
6. Government Service Privilege: 5%
7. Pastor's Kid: 20%
8. PWD: 20%
9. Patronage: 10%
10. Siblings: 5%
11. Solo Parent: 20%
12. Tubong Holy Child: 10%
13. VDL Scholarship (College of Education) 50%
14. Red Eagles Sports Elite Varsity (100% in all FEES)


Visit the guidance office of the respective campuses to apply directly. Follow the application procedure:
1. Complete the CSFA Form for NEW and RENEWAL applicants.
2. Submit the accomplished CSFA Form with all requirements during the application period to the Campus Guidance Designate.
3. Place your application forms and requirements inside a LONG BROWN FOLDER.
4. Only applications with complete requirements will be processed.

Contact us today to inquire about enrollment requirements and secure your child's spot early! Reach out to the respective campuses:
🏫 Green Meadows Mintal Campus: 0950-717-1747
🏫 Kalayaan Jacinto Campus: 0981-0682-2527
🏫 Trinity Cabantian Campus: 0981-465-9312
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