Once it was a dream, a prayer of one person, of a family who responded to the call of God. The call was to establish a school founded in His love that looks upon every child as a holy offering to Him. Mrs. Victoria D. Leuterio founded the Holy Child School of Davao formerly Holy Child Day Care and Learning Centre in 1981. With humble beginnings, it started from a garage of two classrooms as a preparatory school. With the prodding and encouragement of the Pre-school parents at that time, Mrs. Leuterio the school founder and directress extended the school’s offering to the primary Course. With the increase of enrolment each year, the school offered a complete elementary course. The Pre-school and Elementary courses were given recognition by the government in 1986. The school then, opened its portals to high school students in the year 1989 and four years after, the High School Department was awarded government recognition.

Indeed, the Divine Father honoured the labour of His children, and the school bore fruits abundantly. Responding to the call of service, the school opened its doors to the members of our community who cannot go to school regular basis. Hence, The Sunday School Department provided opportunities to those working students to errand a high school diploma.

The academe now has three branches namely, The Holy Child School of Davao-Jacinto, Green Meadows and Campuses. The Jacinto, Green Meadows and Buhangin Campus offers complete Pre-School, Elementary and High School Curricula. While Jacinto and Green Meadows tender Sunday High School. The workers of His Vineyard continuously reap returns of blessings. The fruits served their purpose, that of multiplying goodness in the land.

The Founder’s once purposive vision aiming to empower students to become learned individuals who will eventually become leaders whose ideals seek to respond to God’s will has run a tumultuous outburst of events that didn’t end with Basic Education but has continued with determination and love to expand its horizon. A vision immensely felt by, carried by and pursued by the family. The call to service: service to man and God above all.

Holy Child School of Davao who was then offering Elementary and Secondary education to the constituents of Davao City and its neighbouring cities and regions has expanded and transformed into an institution catering to degree for future professionals. The computer age and the demand for computer programs marked the era where Holy Child School of Davao took the challenge of taking another step outside of its Computer Centre (COMCEN) under the Basic Education Department to offering courses aligned and allied to it. People were assigned and papers pertinent to the new vision of the school were prepared thus the birth of the Holy Child School of Davao-College Department in 2001

The expertise, technical know-how and academic background of their assigned people were viable traits which paved the way to transcend COMCEN to an ITE Department; Basic Education Department to College Department.

The HCSD continued to flourish as a leading academy, not only in providing training to our youth in the aspects of basic education but also harnessing local talents in the field of sports and global competitiveness in the Information Technology market

Weekdays courses such as the 2 years diploma course in Information Technology and Office Skills and Management and a 4 year courses in Basic Science in Information Technology and Computer Science were approved by TESDA and CHED, respectively. Initially it raked in a total of 58 students in its first year of operation.

In 2002, Bachelor of Science in Information Management was offered .The same year, twelve graduates of the diploma courses graduated

In 2004, the school with then College Director Leo Brian D. Leuterio wanted to offer additional courses. This was brought about by the inspiringly increasing population since 2001. The school administration wanted something to attract the society, thus coining of the acronym NICE. N for Nursing, I for ITE,C for Commerce and E for Education.

The boom in the demand for nurses abroad, the mushrooming schools offering this course and the awareness for health and wellness brought about the conception of the course, Bachelor Science in Nursing.

Since HCSD is basically known to provide education for pre-school Montessori, elementary and secondary and the school’s continuous effort to provide Godly education among its clientele, the offering of Education courses was a must and pertinent in its offering. This will enable the college to become a feeder school for the human resources of the Basic Education Department. Courses like Bachelor in Elementary Education (major in Generalist, Early Childhood Care or Pre-school, Special Education(SPED)) and Bachelor in Secondary Education (major in English and Educational Technology) were offered.

In 2005, the school produced its first batch graduates for the courses, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Computer Science.

The growing demand to cater to the working sector every Saturday and Sunday signified the offering of full courses on a weekend basis in the year 2006. Subjects were offered by terms instead of per semestral basis. Having the first three subjects offered for the First Term, i.e., for nine week from June to august and the other last three subjects on the Second Term, i.e., for nine week again from September to November. This pattern completes the rounds and requirements for the First Semester. Whereas in the Second Term on February-March.

In 2007, CHED issued a memorandum changing Bachelor of Science in Information Management to Information System. Commerce was also changed to Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management.

The movement to offer full courses on weekend and the decreasing number of student taking diploma courses relegated such courses to be offered on a weekend basis.

In 2008, Teacher Certified Program (TCP) was offered. This will enable aspiring teachers to complete their educational degree via this program.

That year, the school saw the fruition of its Nursing, Education and Business Administration courses. Again the school saw the commencement of the third wave of alumni after the diploma course graduates has theirs in 2002 and 2004.

Holy Child School of Davao was fortunate enough to produce full pledged nurses. The passing rate for the November 2008 Nurse Licensure Exam was 75%.Whereas in the September 2009 Licensure Exam for Teachers was had 100% passing rate.

The college continues to soar to its greatest heights. From glory to glory as the statistical figures has shown its remarkable increase for as high as 40% to 60% from one school year to another. A feat that has confronted the Board and the school administrators to meet with the demands. A feet that has a posed a challenge to the newly appointed College Director, Mr. Pol Allan D. Leuterio, whose 7-month stint has realigned and innovated certain systems in congruence with the demands of time and the society to effect better services.

The School Year 2009-2010 gave HCSD, a 19% increase or a population of almost 1,000 hit the charts

The College has affiliated with partnering institutions like the Southern Philippine Medical Center (formerly Davao Medical Center), Davao Regional Hospital in Tagum, Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators, CISCO System and the like.

In 2012, Holy Child School of Davao changed its corporate name to Holy Child College of Davao.

In 2013, the school saw the completion of the new building at Green Meadows campus. This housed the Business Center, Social Hall, College Library, Science Laboratory and High School and College classrooms. Simultaneuosly, the College ventured in offering Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

In 2014, he new program started when HCCD administration because aware of the potentials of the school to produce individuals with godly values, fully committed person and compassionate servant-leaders. As the school envision to respond the call of God in molding the youth that will not just become dynamic and proficient individual but a Christ-centered and holistic person that will serve as testimony to the world. Aside from the possibility to create professional public servants, the Leuterio siblings are also aware of the need of the new breed of leaders in any areas of public service in the field of crime detection and investigation, correction administration, fire protection, holding public offices and future law enforcers in which most of them are into the related field of criminal justice profession such as lawyers and law enforcement officers.

In the community where the administrators showed satisfying support to the working committee, circumtances are not a hindrance in aiming for success. The first two attempts in its application failed due to some technicalities but these challenged more the team to pursue with the appilication, but this time with an aid of the technical committee. Soon after the feasibility study, completion of the documentations and technical requirements’ the school has been granted with recognition and permission to operate the first year of the Bachelor of Science in Criminology for the School Year 2015-2016 and the preceding years for the completion of the four-year permit to operate.

With the three (3) campuses of HCCD, the committee opted to operate the program in Green Meadows Campus, Sto. Nino Tugbok District, Davao City. This is to cater students from the southern part of Davao City and the neigbouring area. Since HCCD is non-sectarian institution, students from all walks in life are welcomed. Presently, as education in the country contiued to adopt the system in the international arena, the struggle to withstand the increase for enrolment is enormous considering that K-12 vacuumend the college education. Neverthless, the enrolment still increase gradually leading the program its sustainable numbers

As expected, the newly opened program has to undergo through many development to eventually reach its goal. The program adopted the outcome-based education as a response to the innovation of criminal justice education program that will not just empower its faculty members but as well as the students. To make a difference from among the 18 school operating criminal justice education in Davao region, embedded in the curriculum are the technical skills that is anticipated to be utilized by the graduate whose line of profession maybe practice in the court as stenography or any skills that the students gain from the course which they are deemed efficient.

Morever, the unstoppaable progress of the program signifies optimistic response as the need to heighten peace and order of the community and the country is demanded as directed by the government. The demand of the personnel in all areas of government service where criminology graduates are employable is too huge that supply is outnumbered. Thus, the program aspires to provide education indispensable in all aspects of criminal justice education as needed on the country.

Pursuant to Republic Act 7722 (The Higher Education Act of 1994) and Republic Act 10533 (Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013), the school is gearing up for a series of changes aligned with the requirements as mandated by the Commission on Higher Education and the Technical Skills and Development Authority. With the national government’s commitment to transformational leadership that puts education as the central strategy for investing in the Filipino peolple by promoting revelant and quality higher education at par with international standards and graduates and professional are highly competent and recognized in the international arena.

In the next few years, the college targets to be accredited. At present the Holy Chid College continues to expand its services to the community. With its foundation strongly anchored in good soil of righteousness and faith in the Almighty, this institution will increasingly become a beacon light with her sterling performance in serving God, people and country.