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Welcome to The HOLY CHILD College of Davao

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Once it was a dream, a prayer of one person, of a family who responded to the call of God. The call was to establish a school founded in His love that looks upon every child as a holy offering to Him. Mrs. Victoria D. Leuterio founded the HOLY CHILD College of Davao formerly HOLY CHILD Day Care and Learning Centre on August 28, 1981. The school changed its name– The HOLY CHILD School of Davao and The HOLY CHILD College of Davao in 2003 and 2012 respectively.

With humble beginnings, it started from a garage in Gempesaw of two classrooms as a preparatory school, and later the school moved to its present site along Jacinto Street. With the prodding and encouragement of the Pre-school parents at that time, Mrs. Leuterio the school founder and directress extended the school’s offering to the primary course. With the increase of enrolment each year, the school offered a complete elementary course. The Pre-school and Elementary courses were given recognition by the government in 1986.

The school then opened its doors to high school students in the year 1989 and four years after, the High School Department was awarded government recognition. Indeed, the Divine Father honored the labor of His children, and the school bore fruits abundantly. Responding to the call of service, the school opened its doors to the members of our community who cannot go to school on regular basis. Hence, The Sunday School Department provided opportunities to those working students to errand a high school diploma.


In 2003, the school began offering college courses such as two-year courses in Diploma in Information Technology and Office Skills Management with Desktop Publishing and other short courses. At present, the school offers Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management, Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor in Elementary Education-Generalist, Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English, and Earning Units in Education.

Throughout 40 Years of quality education and excellence, the school now has three campuses around Davao City namely, The HOLY CHILD College of Davao-Kalayaan, Green Meadows, and Trinity Campuses. The Kalaayan and Trinity Campus offers complete Pre-School, Elementary, and High School Curricula. It Also tenders to Sunday High School in Kalayaan and Green Meadows. While Green Meadows offers Pre-school to College Curricula.

The fruits served their purpose, that of multiplying goodness in the land. The Founder’s once purposive vision aiming to empower students to become learned individuals who will eventually become leaders whose ideals seek to respond to God’s will has run a tumultuous outburst of events that didn’t end with Basic Education but has continued with determination and love to expand its horizon. A vision immensely felt by, carried by, and pursued by the family. The call to service: service to man and God above all.


HOLY CHILD College of Davao is a Bible-based Christian School in the Philippines founded by Mrs. Victoria D. Leuterio in 1981. Founded in God’s love that looks upon every child as a holy offering, the HOLY CHILD community, together and by association, provides quality human, professional and Christian education by teaching minds, touching hearts, and transforming lives.

Vision & Mission


First Choice Christian Learning Environment


Impact the community as notable provider of graduates who manifest Christian beliefs and ideals through humanism and professionalism as seen in the manner of the workers and graduates conduct their personal and professional lives.


The HOLY CHILD College of Davao is a Bible-based school that aims to empower each community of workers and students to become servant leaders who continuously endeavor to respond to God’s will.
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